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#IAmCreativeForAfrica: Talking Creative Entreprenuership with Osse Greca Sinare

I came across a well curated vlog sometime last week and the amount of creativity and content that is on the vlog its majestic. I spent my entire day watching his videos and I actually met up with Osse Greca Sinare from Tanzania as he was currently in Cape Town where I resides at the moment. I don’t want to give it all away but I’m sure our chat will have you searching google to see his creations. Read below

Who is Osse Greca Sinare?

Osse:I am a passionate creative entrepreneur who loves creating and is inspired by Travel & all things art.

What do you do and why?

Osse: I am Youtuber/Travel & Lifestyle Photographer/Filmmaker and I do what I do because I am deeply passionate about creating and also believe in providing valuable content to other African creative entrepreneurs who want to travel more and learn about how to monetize their services so that they can work from anywhere on the global.

As a content creator,please describe your process from concept to publishing?

Osse: Usually my process starts with the “why” before any concepts or process is started. I want to know why I am creating and why it will benefit/inspire my audience. The next stage is figuring out the what medium I will use to communicate this content, moving on to the what I will need to bring it to life and last stage which is usually the most fun, actually shooting and creating the content.

 As a Vlogger what is the most highlight moment for you?

Osse:As vlogger my most memorable moment would be hitting that 1000 Subscriber mark, which in the youtube is one of the first hardest milestones to reach

 Why are you creative for Africa?

Osse: I believe as Africans who live in Africa and experience day to day life here at home we need to be the voice of what is actually happening in our lives. Through various creative outlets we can communicate our story in the correct way.

 What is the most challenging experience you have faced along with content creating?

Osse: The most challenging would be in having access to resources such as locations especially in Tanzania. Content creation is still a young industry here and businesses/people aren’t aware of it, which makes it difficult to convince people to use various public locations for creating certain types of content, especially for up and coming content creators.

Content creating has seen an increase in the past few years especially here in Africa, what do you think its the best tool to use for us to have authentic  storytellers?

Osse: So far I have found that video(camera) my best tool to communicate an authentic story, the reason I say this is because it gives me room to expand on an image and bring the audience in to the my world

Any advice to those who would want to follow your steps?

Osse: The challenge of growing a community/audience from creating content is an up hill battle and a lot of people around you will discourage you at first but if you keep pushing through and continue providing valuable content for the audience your building, the rewards will be worthwhile in the end. Most important advice is “Figure out what your purpose is and be resilient in bringing it to life”

 Where can people see some of your content?

Osse: You can find my content on various platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube with the handle @ossegrecasinare and also on my website: www.ossegrecasinare.com


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