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#IAmCreativeForAfrica : Iconic Black Not Just A Clothing Brand But A Movement

Donovan Faranando (DF) had a chance to sit down and have a chat with Issa Lopez (IL) the creative director of Iconic Black which is a clothing brand that focuses on collaborating with young South African creatives involved in the arts, fashion, music and film industry. Read below to see how the chat went down DF: Tell us more about your brand? IL: Iconic Black its a brand that was founded four years ago but we started the movement of collaboration two years ago. The brand seeks to create and carve out a path for the young creatives in the South African creative space by allowing them to be part of a movement through the brand merchandise, activations and motivational sessions DF: Your logo resembles a South African Flag but in black and white,why did you make it that way?
IL: The logo is a monochromatic, minimalistic South African flag which represents boldness, love and unity. If you turn the logo upwards you can see there is an Y which to us represents the youth. Without the youth, we are not a compete. DF: You mentioned motivational sessions, can you describe the sessions for us? IL: Basically The Influential sessions are a way of getting to encourage, offer solutions and provide a platform for the young South African people to network, create and collaborate. We encourage everyone to be part of the sessions. DF: What is the most misconception information about the brand? IL: People always think the brand it’s about race because of the name but it’s not. Iconic Black, it’s for everyone no matter who you are, where you come from or what you are all about. The brand was built for every person so let it be for person. DF: Why are you creative for Africa? IL: I’m creative for Africa because Africa deserves a chance to be great again. I’m so passionate about creating authentic stuff that reflects my creativeness and that allows people to be appreciative of my skills. What other way is there but to do it for Africa. DF: Who have you collaborated with so far? IL: So far we have collaborated with a lot of young creatives especially those in Cape Town. We have worked with Twizz Alfa, Daniel Moleka and Vuyo Joboda just to mention a few. We are looking to collaborate with more people in the near future. DF: What are the future plans for the brand? IL: We are currently working on a new collection which is going to be amazing, and we are also going to have a couple of pop up activations which involves young fashion designers around Cape Town. DF: Any last word to those who would want to collaborate with you? IL: We are open to collaborating as long as you have something established and very creative. You can find us on all social media platforms as Iconic Black. Give us a shoutout — Donnovan Faranando The Hangout Duo Creative Director +27641801074 www.thehangoutduo.co.za

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