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Senegal Give Africans A Glimmer of Hope At The World Cup

The World Cup is here, and this post may even sound a bit, eeerm, late.

But anyway, the World Cup is here and as Africans our five representatives have had different starts, but with a similar pattern. For the first round of group matches, four African teams lost, but Senegal won, beating Poland 2-1 and lighting up the continent’s hopes.

As the second round of group matches unfolded, two teams bowed out, that is Egypt and Morocco. They lost their two matches, giving them no chance of proceeding to the knockout phases. The focus now shifts to Nigeria,Tunisia and Senegal.

Nigeria and Tunisia were handed defeats by Croatia and England respectively, and the continent now hopes that unlike Egypt and Morocco, they pick themselves up and offer some stoic resistance in their following matches.

The victory for Senegal was celebrated by the whole continent, giving Africans a glimmer of hope. No African team has progressed to the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup and the continent has produced only 3 quarter-finalists. Senegal’s coach Aliou Cisse strongly believes that this year and African team will win the World Cup, but he, like many others, does not really know what could be the cause for Africa’s disappointing start at this year’s World Cup.

So you see, Cisse wants to break the construct which asserts the World Cup is not for Africans, but an exclusive preserve for European and South American teams. Judging from the performances of other African teams, it would seem plausible that Senegal offer a good chance to progress as far as they can.

There is still plenty of more action to come. And surely, Africa’s start has been disappointing, but Senegal offer a glimmer of hope. If their luck and bravery carry them through…

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