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A Better World Cup Song

Music and Sport. The undeniable relationship. From the sweat pouring along headphone lines to giant spectacles of music in a congregation of fans, it’s clear that one serves the other.

The World Cup takes this to a completely new level. The anthems that define the season, and capture the spirit of the joy to come.

In the recent past, the most memorable capture was in 2010. Sing one line; ‘ooooohhhhhhhh’ and everybody knows you are talking about Waving Flag, then Waka Waka plus the less memorable Sign of a Victory and Oh Africa from the same year.

2014 came and we literally remember nothing from that year except that Germany really humiliated Brazil. The music was not memorable. Shakira didn’t repeat her magic, it was a disaster.

2018 is here and the Coca-Cola Official WorldCup Song meant to be Global is #Colors by Jason Derulo.

From the moment this song came out, I said it. This is not an Anthem, this a cute dance song for Jason Derulo and his fans.

You can tell from the generic lyrics sort of thrown together in hope that they will make sense that there is no passion here, no heart. It’s riddled with lyrics that make no collective sense, unnecessary runs, the catchphrase is ambiguous, all the remixes they have done is more like polishing a turd really.

Above all, it really does not connect to the fans. This was mentioned on 5FM yesterday. No one listens to this song and thinks, ‘How I would love to be in a Stadium right now’. No one.

Khai balancing the sound…

Here is our mission. To awaken the world to the fact that they need to demand more of their art. Football has some of the most passionate fans of all sport. You betray them a great deal when you attempt to define their passion with a passionless song like Colors.

Khai and Jon Jay making We Are Awake

My name is Khài and I created #WeAreAwake featuring the incredible singer-songwriter JonJay.

We believe this is a much better song, better than Positivo, United by Love, and the most recent one released just today which we had high hopes in.

The song includes elements of electro, Soca, African rhythm and really is in our opinion, an Anthem.

Khai chatting to sound Engineer Tarick Joseph

From the onset, we were told that a Black person creating a song with a White person is already a symbol of the unification the World Cup represents and while we do not see Color, we definitely don’t want to see #Colors define an incredible year of football.


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You can watch the full video here

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