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Rwanda In Power Move By Being Sleeve Sponsor For Arsenal – What It Means For Rwanda

Visit Rwanda - the new deal between Rwanda and Arsenal

Rwanda is actually making power moves and from the looks of it, nothing will just stop the country from brokering powerful deals. The Rwanda Development Board confirmed that Rwanda will become the official tourism partner of Arsenal Football Club, the London-based football team that plies its trade in the top flight of English football.

Starting from August this year, “Visit Rwanda” will be on sleeves of the first team, the women’s team, and the under-23 team. This officially makes Rwanda the first official sleeve sponsor for Arsenal Football Club. Clearly, it’s a power move.

The bigger picture is pretty much in question here. The bigger picture relates to the massive opportunities that have presented themselves through this move.  In terms of investment and tourism, Rwanda is set to be enjoying some good fortunes.

Sunny Ntayombya, the Head of Communications and Marketing at RDB, revealed that in terms of investment and tourism opportunities, the move will actually be more favourable to the country, and the returns from this will surpass the levels of investment.

“While we cannot disclose the amount, the partnership cost is part of our marketing budget to promote Rwanda and attract investors and tourists. We expect the partnership to deliver far more long-term in terms of investment and tourism than the actual cost of the partnership,” Ntayombya said.

Rwanda’s tourism sector has been growing considerably and this new move will see the sector being bolstered and furthered more. The deal will see Rwanda being showcased more to the world, and this is good news for Rwandans. Rwanda has many things to offer, and these will be highlighted. Of particular mention will be the showcasing of the country’s national parks which attract scores of tourists due to the diversity which they offer.

Ntayombya futher added, “It will also bring other benefits – such as using Arsenal’s expertise to further improve footballing skills among men and women in Rwanda itself. Sport is an amazing way of uniting people – as has been seen with the recent opening of the new International Cricket Stadium in Kigali.”

Rwanda is doing the best to market itself, to promote the brand of the country by leveraging with those who have the large audiences – moves which other African countries should strive to emulate, or better yet, perfect.

On asked why Rwanda chose to partner with Arsenal, Ntayombye remarked, “This unique opportunity came about from Arsenal and Rwanda’s marketing team. We were given a unique opportunity to promote Rwanda on the world stage via a partnership with this world-renowned football club. We believe that, through this partnership, we can showcase Rwanda and its benefits to potential tourists and business investors around the world.”

Visit Rwanda will gain global exposure through branding on Arsenal’s Matchday LED boards, interview backdrops and the club’s stadium tour which attracts more than 250,000 visitors each year.

This new deal means a lot for Rwanda. As noted, it is a “unique opportunity” for Rwanda, for Rwanda to be shown to the world, considering the large following which Arsenal commands.

Vinal Venkatesham, Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer gave his endorsement to the deal. “The Arsenal shirt is seen 35 million times a day around the world and we are one of the most viewed teams around the world. We look forward to working with the Visit Rwanda team to further establish the country as a tourist destination,” Venkatesham said.

Well, there you have it. Good times and good moves for Rwanda. The opportunities yet to be unlocked for Rwanda’s tourism by this deal are massive, and the prospects look bright.


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