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Monde up for climbing Mount Everest to raise funds

#IAmCreativeForAfrica is growing by each month and the aim is to showcase people who are changing the continent through their skills. Donovan Faranando (DF) had a chance to chat with Monde Sitole (MS) from South Africa who is on the mission to climb Mount Everest to raise funds to build a girl’s primary school in South Africa.Here’s what you can expect from the chat.

DF: Who is Monde Sitole?

MS: Newton once said an object continues to move in a certain direction  unless the is a force exerted  “i am that force”

DF: What do you do?
MS: I’m an educational strategist and adventurer.
DF: Tell us more about your projects?
MS: I run Monde Sitole Foundation through a range of strategies and initiatives. We aim to make education innovative, engaging people. Our paramount vision is decreasing of brain drainage, capacity building to produce a self-sufficient people that can thrive and partake in the increasingly globalised world.
Using frugal innovation, the art of creating more by using the most abundant resource which is ingenuity to fix our current shortfalls. We have a three-day summit that involves young social entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and also engaging teachers in creating a conducive safe and fun environment.In the end, we aim to use these youths as a catalyst in solving these problems where they come up with solutions and get funding for these ideas making education practical.
We also have an adventure club working with ex-convicts and troubled youths.We have branches in Khayelitsha, Philippi and Mfuleni. Our strategy is to use that very reckless spirit and try to channel it into the good spirit through the adventure.
 DF: What can be done to increase high literacy in poverty-stricken communities?
MS: Firstly we need to prioritize free quality education to all. We need more community libraries, book clubs to encourage a reading culture.
DF: Your next school initiative creates sustainable solutions, tell us more how can Africa in terms of education benefit from the initiative?
MS: We are the age of a new era where there is artificial intelligence, singularity, robotics and the definite end of ideas.Much has changed in the world but our education fails to keep up or the is just no effort in that regard.
An uneducated generation is future slaves.
DF: Why are you creative for Africa?
MS: I believe leaders are born like Sylvester Stallone once said there is an inner power that makes people weak or great.I see, hear things and I want to move people to be great.
DF: You are also in empowering the girl child.Tell us about the recent project which you are embarking on?
MS: We want to climb Everest without oxygen to raise funds to build a girl’s primary school in Lady Frefre.The smartest thing you can do is when you educate a woman you educate a village.
DF: Any challenges you have faced while building your foundation?
MS: Plenty but necessary.
DF: Any advice to those who would want to follow your steps?
MS: The impossible exists because we don’t strive to make it possible, if we don’t fight hard to make our dreams come true we must realise we don’t really want them to succeed.
DF: Where can people get in touch with you?
MS: Twitter @mondewalks

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