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Warring Beings: We Are All At War

We are all at war
Fighting battles inside of us
Even if in others eyes
we stand as the very definition of peace
Our worst fear is
being seeing for who we really are
make-up and constumes down
Bruised, cursed, enfeebled
Our greatest worry is
being known for what we really are
When striped bare
of what glitter we wear
Troubled, despaired, dying
Warring brings!
Author Bio: Gerry Sikazwe is a Zambian poet and blogger. He is also the founding editor a Zambian online literary journal called New Ink Review.
He has work been featured in different online platforms such as Tuck Magazine, AfricanWriter.com, Tipton Poetry Journal, Dissident Voices, The Global Zambian Magazine, Nthanda Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Apricity Magazine, the Zimbabwe We Want Campaign -Brave Voices Poetry Journal, And So Yeah, SpillWords.com
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