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Peering into eyes of fire
I see anger and hunger
defiant like no other burning
hatefully like lava inside bellies
of furious volcanoes
And the fact that every man
Or woman in their existence
will one day or plenty more
days endure the bites from this
ferocious beast
I am compelled to advise you
to brace yourselves therefore
for this fire burns even for you
only time will tell your turn
But I know it is soon!
-mine was yesternight-
 Author Bio: Gerry Sikazwe is a Zambian poet and blogger. He is also the founding editor a Zambian online literary journal called New Ink Review. 

He has work been featured in different online platforms such as Tuck Magazine, AfricanWriter.com, Tipton Poetry Journal, Dissident Voices, The Global Zambian Magazine, Nthanda Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Apricity Magazine, the Zimbabwe We Want Campaign -Brave Voices Poetry Journal, And So Yeah, SpillWords.com
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