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#IAmCreativeForAfrica : Creating a new world through photography with Optimass Maregedze

Photography business in Africa has been growing lately and there is a whole new world when it comes to it with people wanting top quality images.Donovan Faranando (DF) had a chance to talk to a multi award-winning photographer Optimass Maregedze (OM) from Harare, Zimbabwe who is one of the most booked photographers in the country and at the same time he’s creating a creative space for the future generation through his work.Check out how the conversation went about below:

DF: Who is Optimass Maregedze?

OM: I’m a Harare based multi-award winning portrait, fashion, event and advertising photographer.
DF: What do you do and why?
OM: Mainly photography and because that’s my passion!
DF: Tell us more about the photography industry in Zimbabwe and Africa at large?
OM: It’s still growing and there is still more room for growth!
DF: Any challenges you have faced as a photographer?
OM: Just the budgets and at times some clients confuse us with magicians.
DF: When it comes to photography which is the most important rule to follow?
OM:Trust your instincts!
DF: Why are you creative for Africa?
OM: I think from an early age I’m someone who has always liked creating stuff although my vision was in mechanical engineering so I guess I’m applying my dream in a different industry!
DF: If you can change anything in the creative industry what would that be?
OM: The perception of how people view it, most people don’t view photography or anything to do with creativity as full-time jobs!
DF: Any achievements so far or any big celebrities you have worked with before?
OM: I have scooped 3 annual awards so far and for celebrities, I guess too many to mention!
DF: Any advice to those who would want to follow your steps?
OM: Work hard to get your dream and results will follow!
DF: Where can people find you on social media?
OM: Instagram/Twitter @optimass_art and facebook Optimass Art

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