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Poem : Resemblance by Vimbai Lole

I will always slightly resemble your grandmother.

90 years of numb.

45 years of fear.

I can’t allow myself to have fun, people like her don’t know how to get happy and remain grounded.

Your mother, a rustling of wing feathers.

A new born’s cry.

Who am I, I ask myself whenever they label me as a sassy black woman, a frustrated black woman, a strong black woman or a bitter black woman.

They never ask her.

Your sister, a cannonball that keeps missing the mark.

Reloading and targeting everything that stands in my way.

Learning French to find out the opposite of misogynoir.

I always will have a slight resemblance to a beautiful struggle.

A whirlwind that’s a carousel of colourful flowers.

Violent rains putting an end to a drought.

By Vimbai Lole

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