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#IAmCreativeForAfrica : Impacting communities through film screening

Donovan Faranando (DF) got a chance to have a chat with a Buhle Nicholas Sithela (BS) a  social entrepreneur all the way from Khayelitsha in South Africa who is making an impact in his community through screening free films and his cleaning business.Below is the #IAmCreativeForAfrica chat.Take a read!
DF: Who is Buhle Nicholas Sithela?
BS: I’m a young guy from Khayelitsha. I’m 22 years and I’m very passionate about entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.
DF: What do you do and why?
BS: Township don’t have access to cinemas, I wanted to change that. Also, unemployment is high so I wanted to create employment for young people.
DF: Tell us more about your projects which are making a change in the communities of South Africa?
BS: We host cinemas in the township and show films. We engage the community and create a space for entertainment and education. Films can inspire. We also clean bins on Fridays to bring hygiene awareness and also create employment for the youth.
DF: Africa has been known as a poor continent, as a social entrepreneur yourself what must be done to help those in poor communities?
BS: We need to start our own businesses and believe that they can grow. It’s not easy to start a business. We need to use our knowledge to benefit people in poor communities.
DF: What must be done to African film content to reach a wider audience since you have your own Ekasi Cinema?
BS: Films must be shown not only in cinemas because some poor people can’t afford. Films should be screened everywhere and must be accessible to all people.
DF: Why are you creative for Africa?
BS: I want to empower, inspire children in poor communities to dream big!
DF: As a young person is there any advice you would want to give those who want to be social entrepreneurs?
BS: It’s not easy. Develop a passion and get experience also make sure you continue with school to grow your knowledge.
DF: Any achievements from your projects yet?
BS: We have all the cinema equipment,  also people are booking my mobile cinema for their own communities.
We clean 50 bins in one community and there is 3 guys employed.
DF: If there’s any sponsor who wants to come on board, where can they find you?
BS: I’m available on Facebook at Buhle Sithela. Also, my contact is 0765713356.

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