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#IAmCreativeForAfrica 2 : Making love more meaningful through fashion collection

Fashion it is not only about dressing but its also a way of making a statement and that’s what fashion designer from South Africa Lloyd Joseph (LJ) is doing especially with his love tribe collection.Donovan Faranando (DF) spared some time to find out more about the collection and more from the designer.Scroll below and read out the conversation.
DF: Who is Lloyd Josephs?
LJ: I have worked in the creative industry for more than ten years and have experience in design, retail, visual merchandising as well as marketing.I am a graphic designer by profession and have always wanted to be involved in fashion.Started gthingbrand with a line of t-shirt in 2009 while I was a freelancer designer.My brand started by showcasing strong graphic prints influenced by graphic designing background.As of recent the brand has a more fashion print influence.Although I’m a one-man show I have teachers, helpers as well as contributors who help me achieve my vision of becoming the ultimate menswear t-shirt and apparel brand!
DF: What do you do and why?
LJ: I’m a creative director of menswear brand called Gthingbrand and because I’m passionate about designing and fashion!
DF: Tell us more about your brand and how it is incorporating the way young people feel?
LJ: Conceptualized as t-shirt ideas which have ultimately grown into a statement brand.The brand is made with the aspirational guy in mind that is conscious of his personal style, love design and want to be bold and make a statement with what he wears.The brand features fitted t-shirts, apparel garments with different prints in every collection!
DF: The process of making your clothes sound very time consuming please tell us more about the process when it comes to making your own brand especially in Africa?
LJ: The fashion sector in Africa, especially in South Africa Cape Town where I’m based, is rather a diverse community of creatives and visionaries all working towards the same goal.To achieve success whether its clothing or apparel you have to have what it takes, put in the work and be inspired by everything that is around you.I have also found that persistence has been my number one skill or trait!
DF: If you can change the fashion industry in Africa, what will that be?
LJ: There are various platforms for creatives in Cape Town South Africa and Africa as a whole, with this said support in the form of financial assistance and mentorship as well as commerce and buying local versus an international brand that has no common relation to local industry is what most brands seek to get off the ground!
DF: As an entrepreneur yourself what challenges have you faced?
LJ: The main challenge I have faced is believing in oneself and knowing what I am doing is going to be great.To quote Barbara Corcoran,”Its been my own insecurity-the little voice inside my head that you probably have to fight with every day, but that’s what drives you”.Other challenges such as balancing work and family or social life or sustaining yourself financially or emotionally when things don’t go smoothly or when obstacles leave you feeling you want to lay all day for not making sales or having a manufacturing fault (it has happened to me)!
DF: Why are you creative for Africa?
LJ: I feel that it is in our DNA to create and to want to make a mark, we have such amazing role models that one can not help but want to have a burning desire to start something and nurture it and watch it grow into something amazing!
DF: Any advice for those who would like to follow in your footsteps?
LJ: I would say persistent has always been key and to have a goal or vision of what you want to achieve.There will be times when you will have obstacles and setbacks but as the saying goes “if you feel like giving up, think about why you started”.If you need a skill set that you do not possess and you have means to learn it then do that,if you find that skill in someone else then utilize that person to help you create your vision.No man is an island and its only by helping each other and creating a community that you will achieve the impossible!
DF: Where can people find you on social media?
LJ: Facebook/Instagram/twitter/LinkedIn
@llyodjosephs @gthingbrand

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