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Happy New Year Everybody!! Hope your new year is as Bright as the movie should have been.

Bright was without a doubt the festive seasons biggest blockbuster action movie and it was not even in Cinema!

The audience loved it, the critics hated it and I completely understand why both reacted the way they did because even though the idea, the characters and the base for the story was there and of course, WILL SMITH!!!! The movie just left a lot to be desired for people like me who look for so much more in movies than just the big super star lead and all the guns and explosions that come with a block buster action movie.

By the way, Will Smith joining the gram is probably the best thing to happen to Instagram since Beyonce got pregnant with Twins and all that mama juice got her using the gram and serving us life with every post.

To be honest, I would pay to follow Will Smith. Because the content he is giving us, (yes I called it content because it kind of is) is GOLD!! Now am giving IG ideas…

That’s my cue to get back to the movie. They had all the elements for a big hit both from critics and audience but the roll out of the story was such a drag especially when you are expecting some serious movie magic to be unfolding in front of you.

Yes the racial, social, economic and political references that the American audience specifically loved about the movie are very important but it is still ENTERTAINMENT and there was just very little of that. The whole thing needed to have a little bit more movie magic.

And that was exactly the problem. There was just no magic. Literally.

Spoiler alert*

Half the movie see’s Scott (Played by Will Smith) being way too hard on his partner Nick (Joel Edgerton) for something that any reasonable person could tell was not the latter’s fault which deprived us from seeing what should have been an awesome bromance between these two strong characters. I get it, the Orc’s like African American’s are hated and treated unfairly and that was a big part of the story but two whole hours and there was nothing that could have got them past the issue and we could see some brotherly love develop from the whole bad situation? It was too much hate. And yes there is too much hate in the reality of the society they are trying to depict but the whole point of movies it also to show what could be. Thats why we love movies. If movies just showed us how bad things are, and not give us hope for better, we wouldn’t watch them and they wouldn’t be called movies; they would be called the news and no one is going to the cinema and paying money to watch the news.

And then the weak and frail Bright Tikka and her magic wand.; The fact that the three main characters almost died too many times, when two of them are Bright’s with a whole magic wand that could have transported them to safety at any moment was just too frustratingly ridiculous for me.

The whole movie I kept on saying – but you guys have a Bright and a wand, why are we not seeing some magic! At least get yourselves a bullet proof car or something!

The other thing that was really disappointing about the movie was that it had no strong black female leads.

Am like how does the biggest movie of the holidays starring the biggest black movie star on the planet not have a strong black female character especially at a time when black women are the in thing in Hollywood and selling movies?

I just Google’d the cast of Bright and Will Smith is the only black guy in the top roll of leads. Ok.

The best thing about the movie, honestly?

Is that a sequel has already been confirmed. A chance to redeem themselves.

Perhaps Yara Shahidi to come in and replace Tikka with a whole new fun, sassy perhaps careless and ready to zap you into a toad if you spill coffee on her just magically zapped on Ivy Park outfit. Just imagining the wardrobe changes is already fun. Some brands can sell some clothes. And the two boys having to babysit slash protect her would be the perfect bickering duo base to build that bromance we so missed in this first movie. No offence to Lucy Fry but she was not memorable with Tikka’s part and it was not because of her performance at all because she did her job. There was just very little story to bring to life.

There is no official release date for the sequel but I for one am looking forward to it. It wasn’t as bad as the (am speculating and this is in no way fact) cinema paid critics who called it an absolute mess; it’s not great but it is also very far from an absolute mess. There is something very good there, but they will have to do better and I really do hope they can because I am rooting for Netflix disrupting cinema.

If Bright fails, being Netflix’s first Hollywood produced block buster movie, released online only and not at the box-office, it will mean Cinema still rules and in a continent where cinema is very biased towards non local films, the success of an online release film opens up a whole new door to monetizing film for local movies that won’t get a chance to be seen in cinema.

Who wants to even go to the cinema to watch movies anymore anyway? I for one am very content to watch movies at home. Homemade popcorn has fewer calories.

If you haven’t watched Bright because you don’t have Netflix, it is free the first month and only about 130 bucks a month for the south African rand. If you are worried about data, you can save content to offline when you are in a Wi-Fi spot and watch later. And if you have Telkom, they don’t charge your data for streaming Netflix. Either way it is way cheaper than satellite TV.

To a Bright 2018!

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