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Men Of Go(l)d Prey

“And Jesus answered and said to them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” – Matthew 24:4-5

“Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.” – Jer 14:14

First of all, I am a devoted Christian I believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ but…

We are living in a world full of hurdles, and jobs don’t come easy meaning people are broke as f*ck also nothing seems to work out, marriages and relationships are crumbling left right and centre. The era of fake everything is upon us, counterfeit clothes, fakes lifestyles, fake people and more importantly fake Apostles. While politicians are looting and enriching themselves most people are running to church for spiritual guidance but is the church a safe place?

Personally, I stopped going to church five years ago I had my reasons like I don’t want to be caught up in church traditions so I pray in my house and read the Bible before I sleep.

Pastors are now placed above Jesus and God himself; Pastors are living like modern-day rappers driving the latest cars and flying in private jets. Malawian Prophet Bushiri’s daughter turned five on Christmas Day, but her dad got ahead of the celebrations by wishing her an early happy birthday on his Instagram page, according to Nyasa Time.  He bought her a Maserati Levante according to Wheels 24, costs anything from a whopping R1,65 million going up.

Bushiri’s daughter poses next to her birthday gift.

Bushiri lives in luxury adding every latest car to his collection, so he is set for life.

Bushiri and his family pose in front of their home and car collection.

While churchgoers take the last penny to give to a church, Prophets are making a killing and enriching themselves. I doubt God wants you to walk all your life while your Pastor or Papa got a million dollars car collections through your tithe money.

Bushiri Gifts his wife a G- WAGON

Church members are tricked into buying anointing oils, hand bangles, soaps, personalised Bank cards etc. Despite so many evidence proving their acts don’t align themselves with principles and values of Christianity people remain blinded and gullible.
The circus does not end with Bushiri, another  Malawian Pastor Hastings Salanje leader of Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg is yet another ‘Popeye’ his sermons are about money, and he often brags about being the wealthiest Pastor from Malawi.
Salanje uses his Facebook page to brag about cars and houses, but this is the man who is supposed to bring people closer to God.

‘I want you to find me three cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 facelift, and I will reward you with R5000. If you get one I will give you R2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a Malawian number plate, whether it belongs to the government I don’t mind” – Salanje

‘Find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture and I will give you R2500 “, writes Pastor Hastings Salanje.

In South Africa, there is Pastor Mboro, and he drives around with bodyguards and his BMW i8, the irony of a man of God surrounded by bodyguards. Pastor Mboro once claimed that he was “captured” and went to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy Smartphone and came back down later that same day.He went on to say that the photos were available for R5,000 and can be sent recipients via WhatsApp.

Mboro getting out of his BMW i8 while his bodyguard looks on.

Not to be outdone is Zimbabwean Prophet, Uerbet Angel, born Uebert Mudzanire but changed his surname to Angel because he claims angels visited him more than 50 times. Angel is known for preaching the gospel of wealth and predicting future events like soccer results.

Uebert Angel

Wife of the Prophet Uebert Angel, Beverly stands next to her Verde Mantis Lamborghini.

I can take all day writing a list of these African Pastors who preach about prosperity yet they are the ones who only flourish. You don’t need a mediator to communicate to God and be blessed; you don’t need to pay R 25000 for a high table seat to eat and dine with Bushiri for God to listen to your prayers. It’s time to stop these corn artists dressed as men of God. Time to stop putting Pastors and Prophets above God. Are Prophets praying for people or preying on people.

How many litres of petrol are Christians willing to drink until they see the light? How many snakes are we going to swallow? How many bags of grass are we going to eat before we wake up? God gave you brains use them, and he also permitted you to talk to him directly so do exactly that.

Don’t get sprayed by insecticides or strip naked for God because I don’t remember such teachings in the Holy Book. I don’t want to touch on how animals like Pastor Timothy Omotoso were trafficking young girls and sexually abusing young girls across branches of his churches in South Africa. This is common amongst churches but that’s a topic for another day.

Stop shouting “I receive, go deeper Papa” while you are getting scammed. You are told every year is your year, and you keep giving yet nothing changes in your life because you believe in Prophets more than you believe in God.



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  1. Chwaro

    The truth in this article is disturbing and disgusting. These gangsters enrich themselves using the word of God and it’s pathetic.

  2. Verendus

    Spread the word my man, Africans are suffering for a fake dream. People need to work hard for success not pay some ‘man of God’ to get it

  3. Ruby Nev

    Absolutely love this piece! Well written and informative! Well done! I truly hope your piece finds many readers and opens their eyes! These selfish people need to be stopped!

  4. Thembs

    A very well written piece, I hope the relevant people get to read it and hopefully change before it’s too late. As for these gangster fake pastors,may God deal with them accordingly,indeed these are the last days.

  5. David Motutu

    A horrific petty. It’s same here in Nigeria except 10 notch higher. While pastors in other African countries are killing over whose car is dopest, Nigerian pastors are contesting whose private jet is fliest! I guess it’s their reward 4 liasoning with God for gullible believers.

  6. Interesting. I am a pastor’s son. No harm meant but is there any way we could stop generalizing this “Pastors’ stuffs”?

    My dad has served 12 years as a G.O and doesn’t own a car.

    Not because he doesn’t have money oh, but that man too dey go orphanage af.

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