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Will There Ever Be Redemption For Black Africans?

For years and years, the Black race, especially for Africans, has not taken decisive steps to move forward as a people in terms of social, economic and political different. In Africa, only a few countries have achieved these feats, and it’s not yet total development, but well, they are developing.

Africa has been plagued by all sorts of problems and vices. Our lives have been mired in inextricable difficulties. Difficulties we are failing to find a panacea for. Our infrastructure is still in a sorry state in many African countries. Our health facilities are a debacle. No wonder why our leaders fly overseas even if they have a headache or a cold. Our economies are reeking of misery, abject poverty is what we have been subjected to. Talk of leaders who have a penchant for remaining in power, leaders with an astonishing reluctance to relinquish power.

Our problems are countless really. Our problems weigh us down with a heavy thud, making it an insurmountable task to rise up. We sink in our own mistakes, and we refuse to learn from these mistakes. We have a leadership more bent on selfish interests. Repressive and oppressive governments inimical to progressive change.

For this reason, currently, we are damned. We produced the finest revolutionaries. We fought for independence. We have abundant natural resources. Yet, we are still entangled in misery and poverty. When will we move forward like what the likes of China, Japan, Russia, India have done?

The time for us to take responsibility and rectify our problems is now. What we have to honestly acknowledge for the sake of our progress is that at some stage when the human race was developing, our abilities to be highly innovative and inventive people did not really develop into sophisticated forms.

Redemption is still there if we make the right moves.  If we take decisive steps towards development rather than wallowing in excuses and shoving the blame on others. If we realize our mistakes and never repeat them. If we get in tremendous unison to fight the vices of an inept and selfish leadership.


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