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How My Fears Over Marriage Are Increasing By Each Day

First of all, the author of this article is still very young. Very very young. Issues like marriage are supposed to be the least of the things bothering him.

Marriage is held as a sacrosanct agreement of affection between tow souls who become joined for eternity. Or not so. Marriage is a holy alliance. Marriage is a revered institution. Marriage used to be a sacrosanct agreement of affection between two souls. Marriage used to be a holy alliance. Marriage used to be a revered institution.

The world has developed at an alarming rate. Human beings are species that do not remain stagnant at one stage, they make solid and gradual progressions, thus forming a more developed social and economic organization. In a way or so, seemingly, this development has had a palpable effect to the institution of marriage.

The dynamics of marriage have morphed into different shapes and forms over the years. The marriage set-up of our parents is totally different from our marriages. (Still bear in mind that the author is a very young person). For better of for worse, marriages are now entered into for a plethora of reasons.

And because of that, it is now so easy to just walk away from a marriage. Not that a person must be incarcerated in a bond where they do not feel comfortable, safe, wanted, and loved. No. But there has been a significant disintegration in the whole set-up of marriage. Marriages are now very fragile and delicate these precarious days. Marriages now just break easily, and for a host of reasons.

A cumulative effect of this is that my fears of marriage are getting stoked. See, at a certain stage, your parents and your relatives begin asking questions as regards your position when it comes to marriage. There is this onus hurled onto a person and they are expected to be engaged, and to then marry. With this in mind, I know a stage shall come when people will ask me questions. And trust me I am already formulating my line of defence I will use, say when I am 29 or 30. Anyway, that aside.

I fear getting married. I am insecure about that. The time will come, but I do not know if I will be ready. I know I am not the only one out here. There are scores of other young males and females who harbour these same insecurities. The rate of cheating these days is very frightening. There are certain practices that have been normalized by society but which are terribly detrimental to the moral fibre of marriages. I do not think I can be able to stomach disappointments from the “holy alliance.”

But maybe I will actually get married. For that question to start actually bothering me on a serious level, that’s like ten or eleven years from now. Why am I even thinking about it anyway?

There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Marriage ain’t there folks.

Marriage is increasingly getting a scary thing for me.

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