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Mixed reaction as Zimbabwe army makes return to the barracks

The intervention by the military termed Operation Restore Legacy which toppled former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has finally come to an end.

This was revealed during a Zimbabwe Defence Forces presser. During the operation, the army had assumed the main policing duties as their presence would be seen in streets and along highways. They have now said that they are handing over to police their normal policing duties.

It was an operation with the intention of “targeting criminals around the president.” This saw former Zanu PF leaders Kudzanai  Chipanga, Ignatius Chombo and Hamandishe facing arrest, while the likes of Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and even Mandi Chimene skipped the country.

Now that the operation has ended, it means the army is now returning to tyhe barracks. Lately, there had been concerns that the military’s presence was no longer required. At the same time, the police remain extremely unpopular because of their corrupt and extortionate practices.

Many feel all ZANU-PF criminals were supposed to be arrested instead of those few. For some, a restore to normalcy is now there.

The contempt that Zimbabweans have over the police will definitely take a long time to erase.

Some of the reactions:


ZRP means Zimbabwe Republic Police



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