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Will Orders To Vacate Farms Illegally Held Be Respected In Zimbabwe?

Africa is a land besieged with a plethora of problems, some in fact insurmountable. The dispossession of Africans from their respective land was one of the major causes that precipitated the wars for liberation that were widespread in the whole continent.

Land issues remain a challenge in Africa. They are particularly acute in countries where the settler community is quite large when compared to other African countries. Zimbabwe and South Africa are good examples. South Africa still grapples with the land problem, as many whites are still in charge of the land while the majority blacks are marginalized.

In Zimbabwe, this problem was supposed to have been rectified by the Land Reform Program. The whites were unwilling to hand back land to blacks and Mr. Mugabe had to effect a fast-track land reform program that was haphazard and chaotic, and resulted in the loss of lives for both blacks and whites. He also gained some cheap political points as his popularity was on the wane.

The land was unfairly distributed. Only the rich and the politically-connected got this new land from the whites. If it had been carefully implemented, the program would have been a huge success that would have benefited many. On the contrary, only a few elite reaped from this. Others became specialists in mismanagement of these farms.  Others even got the land through illegal means.

And now that there is a new government in Zimbabwe, orders have been issued to those who illegally settled on farms to vacate. The Emmerson Mnangagwa led government is trying all sorts of measures to appease the aggrieved parties that suffered the injustice of the populist regime of Robert Mugabe that saw some actions being taken without applying rational though into them.

The question now is, will these guys take heed of these calls? Already, a cleric, Bishop Trevor Manhanga, who had the blessing of the Mugabes in dispossessing Rob Smart from his Lesbury farm in Makoni is refusing to leave the farm. Will more of these be heard? What action will the president take?

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