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Reminiscing The Old Zimbabwe: Take Me Back

Put me back in the back of a Peugeot 404
Make me run for the Zupco bus
Take me back to permed hair
Summer dresses and denim jeans
No yoga pants, clothes with seams
Put the paint back on the walls
Fill the cracks, uncrack them
Put us back to work
Let us mint our own currency
Through hard work
Bring the cheer back
Re-unite families, give us our dignity back
No fuel queues, no bread queues, no lines at the bank
No worry lines on our faces
Give me a landline so I can dial up a happier past
Use Cobra to polish my flaws
Vim to scrub my woes clean
Put the NRZ back on track
Take me back


Terence Msuku ( A Zimbabwean, raised in Bulawayo. Now residing in Canada. A lover of literature. Former French and English teacher.)

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