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African Leaders Must Adopt Feasible Measures To Tackle The Migrant Crisis

Last week, US-based network CNN revealed videos of the investigation they did in Libya which showed how slave trade was flourishing in the region. Survivors have gone on to tell of “total hell.” Flames of anger have flared both in Africa and across the world.

Migrants trying to make it to Europe via Libya continue to be subjected to violent treatment and abuse. It is grossly deplorable. Most of these migrants originate from West Africa. When a survivor tells you that the Arab owners see black people as animals, it must send a chill down your spine, and as a reasonable person, it must make you spring into action.

The question now is ,what are the African leaders doing to tackle this dehumanizing menace?

Where is the African Union? Where are the regional blocs? Where is the whole damn world?

African leaders would want to rise to some sort of action as the crisis unfolds, as if it is a one-day event. The migrant crisis, which has provided fertile ground for slavery to flourish, has been an ongoing process. African leaders have just looked on (seemingly clueless).

African leaders must know that we will not absolve them from being complicit in this. They must fix their homes. Why would people run away from their homes if they are in good shape?

Something must be done. This is utterly intolerable.

Including the whole wide world too.

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