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Removing Mugabe is the first step towards freedom

Zimbabweans all over the world were thrust into a frenzy when the news that Robert Mugabe had tendered in his resignation. It was shocking, it was expected.

For many Zimbabweans, they had never imagined Mugabe’s stubbornness and defiance would be undermined, and he would finally give in to the mounting pressure. But the reality has happened and Robert Mugabe is now history. His resignation must be celebrated in every right and respect. Here is a man who had utter disregard for the same people he had liberated. Imagine. Here is a man who presided over an ailing economy, and while the economy was bleeding, he bathed in self-aggrandizement and accumulated astonishing wealth for himself and his family. Here is a man who unleashed a terror campaign on activists and opposition leaders in 2008, and more chillingly during the 1980s massacres now known as Gukurahundi.

Robert Mugabe created an evil system. He created an evil regime, simply because of consolidating his power. He turned from hero to villain, and the villain status did a lot of damage to Zimbabwe, damage which is going to take many years for things to return to normalcy. It is very painful. Now that he is gone, his system called ZANU-PF is still strong, and very intact. Perhaps, ZANU has come out cleaner and more orderly after this mess. Knowing the history of ZANU in Zimbabwe over the past years, it is a system which has to go. Unless if they genuinely reform, lead the people better and deliver the economy from this pit it is in right now.

The legitimate way to remove the system democratically is through elections. Zimbabweans must keep focus and let their will to improve the country prevail, the same way this will has prevailed in making Mugabe resign.

This is the time to be more emboldened and inspired to remove the system, the deeply entrenched regime that has caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

The time is now.

Zimbabweans must register to vote for next year’s polls.

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