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With my mind full of wonder
I wander off in a world full of wonders
and then I wonder

If Tongogara never died would Zimbabwe still be the same?
If Sally never died would Mugabe still be the same?
If Lumumba never died would Congo still be in conflict?
If Sankara never died would Burkina Faso be?
If Biko never died would South Africa be the same?
If Samora Machel never died would Mozambique be the bread basket of Africa?
If Mandela was not arrested would he be as famous?
If Lobengula did not have a sweet tooth would he have sold the land?
If Shaka never died would the white men have entered through the South?
If Malcolm and Martin never got shot would the black movement still be alive?

The more I wonder, the more my heart aches wondering what
could have been
If the African kingdoms never fell and were united with a
common agenda

If Alexandra never conquered Egypt would he still be so great?
If Africans learned more about other Africans would that stop us from killing ourselves?
If our leader will ever give us a chance at what they failed to do?
If we knew that money is not the problem but greed,
Would that change anything?

If only we knew our own history then maybe we could stand a chance
If I will be able to live up to those who died for us or will I just
Watch as we perish

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