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Robert Mugabe, a man under the clutches of power and delusion

The recent developments in Zimbabwe have all led to one fact; that Robert Mugabe’s time is now up and he must now rest. Everyone in the country has turned against him, and he is an isolated figure.

And in spite of this, he does not even parade an iota of the intention to leave power, even in the wake of this mounting pressure in Zimbabwe. What started as factional wars to succeed the old and frail leader within the ruling party, ZANU-PF, have now turned into an ugly debacle for Robert Mugabe, who failed to craft a clear succession plan when it was still prudent and wise to do so.

Now, he is an isolated figure, except the support from the African Union and the SADC. He is obviously using this as his leverage, after noticing that te military would not go that far to remove him forcibly. The military has tried to work within the confines of the law, even their acts can amount to treason. The military have been on the forefront, and now his ruling party has rejected him.

Mugabe, in the face of this isolation, is still refusing to let go. He is very adamant, defiant, and stubborn. The military has tried to give him a dignified exit, but it seems he is bent on facing the humiliation that may come with impeachment. He has a ferocious and exasperating fighting spirit, and it is yet to be seen if he will be given the final blow by the impeachment proceedings.

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