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Why Minnie Dlamini and Dj Zinhle will do better at TV than the Queen B!.

There is no doubt that the Queen B of Mzansi, Bonang Matheba is indeed worthy of her crown. She has consistently shined be it on the red carpet, radio presenting or just taking a damn good selfie. Numbers don’t lie and the fact that she gets the big bucks means she does have the numbers to back her up.

So then why did those numbers not translate to TV?

It was Minnie’s wedding special that got the most viewers on Vuzu and now DJ Zinhle is sure to show even bigger numbers than the latter two combined simply because she has one very big ace over them; is on SABC TV – the station everyone has.

Personally, Being Bonang for me had more entertainment value because it was just so beautifully produced, and high production levels are usually just nicer to watch. I love shoes, fashion and champagne so I didn’t mind it at all.

Minnie’s did have all of that too but in a way, it was too produced. Her narrations, I cringed a little because it was so obvious she was reading. Bonang on the other hand, handled those diary sessions like the professional that she is. Even if they where thought out, which they had to be because its television, they seemed more natural.

What I think gave the one more edge than the other is that where as Bonang’s lifestyle seems to be about material things, Minnie seems to be more about people. In real life, Minnie appears to have more friends than Bonang. Overall Minnie seems like a more likeable, more relatable person than Bonang.

Bonang’s show as most fan’s pointed out was more focused on things, the luxury, the money, the brands, Minnie’s show on the other hand was inviting people into the most intimate moment in her life, a moment that is about her family, her friends, and her culture.

It did surprise me to not see more friends of Bonang who didn’t seem made for TV. Perhaps she didn’t want us that up in her business. Never the less, I think that is what Minnie has over Bonang. Which is why it was even more disappointing that Minnie’s show was so frigid when she could have probably given us some real down to earth fun.

Even when you look at the two social media profile, there just seems to be more of a real life story in Minnie’s timeline. South African’ are very much about family, culture, friendship and community.

Which is why Dj Zinhle’s show is one that is sure to win. South Africa’s best reality shows are those that involve community work, those that include the people directly which is why she is getting so many references to Zola 7 which went on for 8 seasons an remains one of the SABC’s most loved productions so the show already has the makings for a hit. Its early days but of all three shows, this one obviously has long term growth opportunities.

All of that said, like they say, there are levels to this shit and each one I believe speaks to their own audience. Bonang is definitely the premium brand and notwithstanding something awful like a drug scandal; her position is pretty set for some time to come.

And Being Bonang should come back. Something faster, in short form for mobile. She is the ambassador for Cell C Black so it would make sense for her to have exclusive content on the platform. Same high production value as her show, throw her boyfriend in there and the Black platform suddenly has content that people will covet and is sure to sell. Because the Fox catalogue is just boring. This is Africa. And we have DSTV. If it’s not original local content, you can bet we have seen it or already have access to it in some other much more convenient, I don’t have to pay any extra way.

Minnie should think of something more fun for Vuzu, since TV has shown her love. They had the right idea but it was too frigid. She needs something with a girl’s trip vibe that will bring in her amazing relationship with her mother, her friends, her culture, the beautiful city of Durban whose beauty is just dying for some good TV time. Make sure they shoot it during a big calendar event in the city like the essence festival or the Durban July which would automatically make her the event, and city ambassador.

We do need a face of modern black girl who is still deeply rooted to her culture on TV. Especially now that she is married; how does a modern girl who is living her best life get to do all of that and still be a cultured African wife?

And Dj Zinhle, well, I don’t think there is stopping her. She has created a lane for herself that no one else is even thinking about. She is the epitome of a boss lady. Single mom, enterprising, health and fitness, community outreach, best friend who is killing it in Hollywood and what I love most about her is challenges have hit her, we have seen them challenges hit her but she has stayed classy about it all, picked herself up and kept it moving. She is every girl’s role model.

They all are role models to their own girl and I hope they can take it as far as they can so that they can open more doors for more girls.

The reality show I would really like to see is a younger, more sensible than love and hip hop but with the same raw fun ease with Nasty C, A Reece, Shane Eagle and Emtee. They are the next. Actually – they are the now.

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