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Ruling party ZANU-PF calls for President Mugabe to resign

Eight of Zanu PF’s 10 Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC) have called on President Robert Mugabe to step down as President of Zimbabwe and President and First Secretary of the party saying he has lost control of the party and government business due to incapacitation stemming from his advanced age.

The provinces also said President Mugabe has allowed the formation of cabals.

The Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) has made seven resolutions, key among them a call on President Robert Mugabe to step down as the First Secretary of the revolutionary party.

The PCC also called for the convening of a special central committee meeting within 48 hours to discuss the current political situation.

The PCC meeting also called for the renunciation of the G40 cabal, and resolved that there be a revocation and annulment of the suspensions and expulsions that took place after the party’s 2014 congress.

Members who attended the meeting also unanimously agreed to mobilise for, and attend a solidarity march slated for Saturday the 18th at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare in support of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ interventions to stabilise the economy and defuse a potential political instability that was threatening peace.


From www.zbc.co.zw 

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