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Religion Does Not Mean That You Have To Put Your Brain On Pause

Religion is an integral part of the majority of people on this planet. Scores are affiliated to different religions and denominations in order quest the thirst of their spirits, spirits in constant search of sanctuary.

However, when religion is used to blind reason, difficulties ensue. One of the most common traits with religion is that it strips away the independent questioning sensibility that a person has. Passivity and docility are then conferred on people, because every state of affairs on the planet would ostensibly be according to divine authority.

Many countries in Africa have seen the proliferation of pastors who indulge in some unorthodox all in the name of religion, especially Christianity. Today’s focus is on one South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, infamously known for feeding congregants snakes. He has hit the headlines again, this time forcing congregants to eat cockroaches and poisoned flowers.

Mnguni appeared before the CRL Rights Commission last year, which was probing complaints laid against him in 2015 for feeding congregants snakes, synthetic hair, rats and ants.

The commission completed its report in June and was handed to Parliament.

When religion blinds reason, it is no longer religion. Religion must enlighten and empower people, and not incarcerate them in mental prisons.

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