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African Poetry: No Longer At Ease

No longer at ease
He felt as he stood before the judge.
He used to be a proud and bold leader
Who stood for what he believed in
And believed in what he stood for.
We sent you abroad to get an education
So you can come back and lead our nation.
What you learn no one can take from you.
We sold our land and cattle to pay for your school
Upon your return you quickly rose in ranks
To become the leader of our nation
We were proud that at least one had made it.

You soon realized it was you against the government
Corruption and bribery ruled the Parliament
They bribed you with cattle, money and their bodies
But you stood firm and rebuked them.
They are the reason why your country was not growing.
In order for the country to grow you removed everyone
Who had a position and brought in new people
It was not an easy task to do but it was done
The people of the nation praised you
For your swift action against corruption
The message of your mother’s death
Found its way to you.

You pay for the cost of the entire funeral
A month later you father found your mother and
that was the beginning of your downfall
you paid for his funeral with the money
you took from the treasurer
slowly but surely you began to take bribes
in the form of cattle, money, women’s bodies
you put all the branches of government under your control
instead of building bridges you started burning them
not knowing that when it rains we cannot walk on water.
After a decade of you in power
A civil war broke out and
They removed you from your throne
They put you before the judge
And you were no longer at ease.

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