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#IAmCreativeForAfrica: Bringing underground talent on top

#IAmCreativeForAfrica Donovan Faranando (DF) had a chance again to be in Zambia where he met with Bwalia Nkumbula (BN) a young creative entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing out the shining factor of underground artists in Zambia.Here is what the discussion went about:


DF: Tell us your name and what you do?
BN : My name is Bwalia Nkumbula and I’m the founder of Zed arts and I’m also into artists management,I manage Goblinz Empire and Chase Iyan


DF: Why do you do what you do?
BN: I started music and arts promotion because of the love I have for Zambian arts and just to help my fellow youths gain recognition that they need at the same time make Zambian entertainment industry grow and compete on a continental level!


DF: Tell us more about the business you are involved in?
BN: Well Zed arts is a platform that helps promote Zambian arts on social media,we have a website that has underground Zambian music on it (www.zedarts.co) so everyone can get to listen to the music and follow the artists as well!


DF: How vital is talent management in Zambia?
BN: Talent management in Zambia is something that’s slowly growing. Most artists haven’t seen the need and importance in management but I’m making it my priority to manage artists,bringing them to a new level!


DF: As a young person impacting change through youth empowerment, what challenges have you faced so far?
BN: Being a female and young,I’m mostly not taken serious.In Zambia it’s more of what following do you have or who do you know in order to gain a certain level of respect but overall I have had so many supportive people through this journey!I’m grateful


DF: Do you think one day you might have your own awards platform for underground artists to be recognized more?
BN: Definitely yes that’s in my three year plan.It would be awesome to see so many hard working artists gaining the recognition and being awarded for the hard work they have put in!


DF: What does it mean to you to be a creative in Africa?
BN: It means I have the power to create what hasn’t been created and create something that would get Africa the love they need at the same time recreate something someone out there can relate to!


DF: One last word to your fellow Africans who want to follow into your steps?
BN: It’s okay to think outside the box and no matter how crazy the idea seems just do it!

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