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Why Do African Leaders Endorse Sham Elections?

Elections are a very sensitive issue, and they raise many emotions. Electoral disputes in several countries all over the world have resulted in deadly consequence and some of them have taken ages to resolve.

Africa is no exception to this. In fact, Africa is a hub of electoral disputes, to the extent that people question themselves whether elections work in Africa. Maybe they do not work and the idea of democracy that has been imposed on us is a fallacy. But that is a matter for another day. What we have in Africa is a crisis in which almost everyone is complicit in.

Elections in Kenya have been very controversial, and befittingly, they have been a debacle. Sham elections. That’s the right phrase. I tried not to catch feelings when I saw Burundi’s president congratulating Uhuru Kenyatta on his “victory” in a tweet. I see the tweet, I get angry, but basically there is nothing I can do about it. This is Africa. And certain political ideologies have to wiped away completely.

And then we have Thabo Mbeki, the former president of South Africa. He is among the people who have endorsed the sham elections in Kenya. He was the same guy who helped Mugabe get away with rigging elections in 2008. And my question is, why do  African leaders endorse sham elections?

In Law, two or more parties can enter into a contract not by express terms but simply by conduct. The conduct they convey will be enough to tell the other party that they have agreed to the terms. In similar terms, the conduct of the African Union and other African leaders how that they support sham elections. They do not even make noise about such. They remain silent while crisis unfolds. This conduct shows that they support the malaise that we find ourselves in. It is very sad, and it must be improved.

A club of dictators perhaps. But the conduct of African leaders is simply appalling in the unimaginable levels beyond the comprehension of feeble minds. Maybe one day they will come to their sense and raise their voices where something has gone wrong.

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