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#IAmCreativeForAfric­a: Turning a passion for food into a success business

#IAmCreativeForAfric­a’s Donovan Faranando (DN) got a chance to sit down with Sanni Sheriff (SS), an entrepreneur and a chef from Nigeria who is redefining the food business with a new twist. Below is how the chat went about:

DF: Tell us your name and what you do?
SS: I’m Sanni Sheriff an executive chef and owner of Sannikayz Mobile Kitchen.I grew up in and around the kitchen when I always help my mother cook traditional Nigerian recipes.Since then I grew to love everything about cooking!

DF: Why do you do what you do?
SS : I love food and my passion for culinary grew so big so after doing my Systems Engineering degree,I went on to enroll at a cooking school.I learned cooking techniques while also experiencing diverse cultural influences from different countries!

DF: As a entrepreneur involved in the catering industry, what challenges have you faced so far?
SS: The line of food business (Food trucks) we operate in is quite new and unique in Africa and it has its peculiar challenges.Firstly there is a national power issue in Nigeria so we try to improvise by using generators.Secondly when there’s a heavy downpour of rain it slows our business activities down and lastly the fluctuation prices of food items in the market is way too much!

DF: We have seen you on TV before,do you think one day you might have your own cooking show?
SS: Yes of course!I hope to produce my own cooking show very soon by God’s grace!

DF: What is the secret to a success business?
SS: I believe with passion,focus and determination you can certainly do anything!

DF: As a start-up owner yourself what can you change in Nigeria or Africa as a whole?
SS: What we need to change in Africa is perception.We need to encourage our food culture and be ready to put African foods on the global market.We are a pro African brand!

DF: What does it mean to you to be a creative in Africa?
SS: It means I have a chance to work hand in hand with creativity to make my business grow through branding, marketing and personally I think I can’t do without creative ideas.

DF: One last word to your fellow Africans who want to follow into your steps?
SS: Search your heart for what you’re passionate about, be focused about it and be determined to achieve your goals.Challenges will definitely come up but guess what?They are temporary!

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