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Memorable and enduring quotes from Sir Ketumile Masire

Sir Quett Ketumile Masire was an inspiring leader, one who brought the much-needed change to Botswana in a period where other leaders would have buckled to the pressures of Western powers’ whims. He stood firm, went by his policies of fiscal prudence and investing in education and health.

Below are a few quotes that resonate a solid president he was, although he failed in some areas.

“In a democracy like ours, elections belong to citizens, not the government and its institutions. Government institutions conduct elections on behalf of the people,”

“We used to say to our donors, ‘help us to help ourselves, and the more you help us, the sooner you will get rid of us.”’

“We, the young people, wished to see Batswana acting as a country at the end of the colonial era, not as tribes.”

“Bad governance doesn’t just undermine service delivery, it retards development, and it also drives violence.” 

“Corruption imposes heavy costs on the economy and distorts development policies. It hurts the poor disproportionately by diverting funds intended for development. It undermines government’s ability to provide essential services. It fuels inequality and injustice and discourages foreign investment”.

“Even as we have differed among ourselves over the course of 11 general elections, we have, nonetheless, continued to travel together towards our common destiny.
I pray that that which divides us as Batswana will, therefore, continue to be less than that which joins us as a nation that is proudly united in its diversity. In this way, our differences of political perspective will remain a source of our governing strength.”

“The future of our country is paramount. We need visionary people on the future of the country not those who want to create a name only for themselves.”

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