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Love portions: An unnecessary evil

Witchcraft operates through the combination of juju and voodoo. The original arts of witchcraft in Africa came from Kofi-Manu of Ghana. The masters and founders of black witchcraft in Africa are Wizard of Ingoni of East Africa, and Ezemu of Upuluku and Orunmila of Nigeria. White witchcraft uses talisman, fortune telling, astral gemstone, crystal ball, shadow reading, tarot card, ouija board and so on to determine forbidden knowledge.
However, the most common kind of witchcraft happens in the form of love portions and is practiced usually by women who want their husband to never look at other women or even think about it! have read horrifying stories of women who put a dash of their menstrual blood to tame a man, or a lizard’s tail so that he can move around the wall of her house only, nowhere else! Others have resorted to employ the use of a baboon’s excreta as it is believed that a baboon only urinates at one place thus by making a man drink a baboon’s urine it will make him only urinate in her (you know what i mean). The notorious kind of sangomas will tell you to bring all kinds of impossible things like the skull of a fly, the lung of a cat, water which has recently washed a dead body, the tooth of a cobra, semen of a madman, the mane of a male lion etc etc. You would think one would see through the mockery in this but a woman on a mission will surprisingly acquire all these things just to secure a man, most of these women educated at that!
The funny thing to note however is, these women who prescribe such remedies to desperate housewives are seldom married. And they seem to be swimming knee deep in poverty, so if they have the ability to make a man’s heart stick to a woman why is it that they themselves cannot secure a rich man? It makes you wonder doesn’t it?
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