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Ethnic wedding dresses you should consider for your wedding

Wedding season is upon us and if you are one of the lucky blushing brides tying the knot i invite you to consider walking down the aisle in an ethnic bridal gown. Now listen, before you roll your eyes at me because you already have the perfect white gown in mind, not only does it bring uniqueness to your event but also cheaper it is unique and damn right beautiful. If i have failed to wipe off the skeptical look in your face, maybe these brides will:

Check out this beautiful makoti in a simple but elegant wedding gown!




Even the celebrities have done it, check out Mrs Jones here… Minnie did that!




This is what i hope to wear when i wed my Ethiopian boyfriend only instead of the black masse il have burgundy. These Habeshas didn’t come here to play with yall!

We know Western Africa rules this game of ethnic themed wedding gowns, we salute you


Look at her with her beautiful self!! Sensational, isn’t it?

I know you certainly don’t need anymore convincing but here are bonus shots in case you need them

It’s definitely a yes from me!

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