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“You destroyed my life”- Statement from Brickz rape victim

Kwaito artist Sipho Ndlovhu, commonly known as Brickz was handed a 15-year sentence after he was found guilty of raping his 16-year-old niece in 2013 and threatening to kill her if she came forward.

During the trial, a statement from the victim was read out by the state prosecutor, in which the victim said she was “bleeding with anger.” An apparent betrayal of trust was palpable, as the girl said that she treated Brickz as her father but he “destroyed” her life.

“It is heartbreaking that I will never be able to be proud of myself. You took away my happiness. Every night I cry and ask myself what did I ever do to you?” read part of the statement.

The probation officer read out a report on Brickz, which looked into his state of mind, marriage and childhood.

Brickz claimed that he did not “take advantage” of young people and viewed himself as a role model. The Sweety My Baby hitmaker admitted that cocaine was his drug of choice and that he was in an open relationship with his wife.

Brickz’ lawyer, Piet du Plessis argued for a sentence of 10 years and nothing more.

“He is human like all of us. He has his mistakes. Court must take into consideration whether he is the kind of person society should be protected against,” he said.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s  Phindi Louw says it agrees with the court’s decision that it would not be in the interests of justice to give Ndlovu a sentence lower than the maximum of 15 years.


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