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African parents must not force their children which subjects/degrees to study

In our African context, parenting is not an easy game. It is something that comes with a burden of expectations especially from your children. The children act as bulwarks of the future for many African parents.

In most instances, children are not accorded the academic freedom they deserve. African parents want their children to be lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and so forth. To be a child means that you have to be in line with your parents’ expectations and you have to fulfill certain obligations, even though you may not be at peace with those.

There are some parents who want their children to achieve what they themselves failed to. Because of this, the parents do not even look at the abilities which the children possess. While it is not bad for one to expect their child to become a doctor or lawyer, due consideration must be given to what the children are best at and to what pleases them the most. It would be of no use to subject the children to immense strain because they took a career path they are happy and satisfied with.

Parents need to appreciate the talents which their children possess. It is not only the academic path that guarantees one success. One can flourish in other areas like sport, music, art, entrepreneurship, and so forth.

A child must be allowed to fully discover themselves. What parents can do is to simply offer career guidance and not dictate life choices for their children. There are instances where children undergo serious depression because they took career paths they are not satisfied with.



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