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Book Review: Preparing my daughter for rain

Wishing my hair was longer and straighter, wishing my skin was lighter, wishing I was someone else, asking God to make me beautiful. These are things I beg my daughter not to inherit.

The full tittle of this book is Preparing my daughter for rain: notes on how to heal and survive. Simply put, it is a collection of poetry for daughters, future daughters and women about how to heal and survive.There is something in the author’s tone that will let you know she has been through things, just like all mothers have. I love how all the narratives i am reading these days are addressed to female children correcting all the societal burdens usually cast upon them. I am not that well versed with poetry but this i resonate with. Its a powerful read and i do believe that any woman reading it will find it relatable. The words were so honest and pure from a mother to their living or unborn child, it made me want to call my own mom so i can hear her voice. At first i was just reading from a motherly perspective until this book started speaking to me in a motherly voice. When Key Ballah said, “Your body wasn’t made to be consumed by greedy men with no understanding of your value, you are worth infinity do you understand?” i felt it to the core. Its a lamentation of heartbreaks, body image identity crisis and forgiveness. I give this read an 8/10 for its honesty and simpleness, do read it here and enrich your soul.

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