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#IAmCreativeForAfrica: Zimbabwean artist expresses thoughts on African music

As previously highlighted through the Press Release published a few weeks, the #IAmCreativeForAfrica series has commenced, and it promises to be enthralling.

#IAmCreativeForAfric­a had a chance to sit down with a creative artist from Zimbabwe who is changing the game through music.

Donovan Faranando (DF) of the new initiative spoke with Tinashe Nyamukapa (TN), touching on a few aspects on what the latter has concerning creativity in Africa.

DF: Tell us your name,what you do and why?

TN: I’m Tinashe Nyamukapa. I am a recording artist, music teacher & music consultant .I do what I do because I love it

DF: What should be done to enhance or develop the industry you are into?

TN: The music industry in Africa basically needs financial support from its fan base. Money talks people

DF: If there’s one thing you change in Africa,what will that be??

TN: I want to change the perspective that people have towards the music industry.

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