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African Poetry: Stubborn Knowledge Dwells Beyond Fear

If only problems looks ahead

To the next madness.

Stubborn knowledge dwells beyond fear.

I told him I was an actress

And played in a number of major roles.

I love the church girls

I love the politicians

I love the inmates and outmates.

You can’t see me, but I can see you.

You can’t touch me, but you can feel me.

Sins of yesterday tomorrow we try to hide

But the truth is in the sky.


I first met Thabo in the VIP section at the club.

I was wearing a black leather mini skirt

With a crop top and red lipstick,

Long black hair and six inch heels

He approached me and introduced himself

I let him spit his game and buy few drinks

Little did he know I had my own agenda.

We went back to his house where

He made me permanently his.


Thabo introduced me to Amanda

Amanda was a church girl

Who sang on the choir.

When Sunday came

I put on my best suit

A three-piece black suit

With a bow-tie and a matching cloth in pocket.

I met Amanda in the church men’s restroom

I fell in love with her and vowed

To be with her forever till death do us part.


Amanda introduced me to her school teacher, John.

John had feelings for Amanda since the first time

Amanda had set foot in his classroom

But she had told him “NO” several times

Today is the day he makes me his by force.

John introduced me to his wife, Linda.

Linda became pregnant and

Nine months later I came out.

John was arrested for ten years

And he introduced me to a lot of inmates.

These are just a few of my major roles

Have you ever tried to play a guitar with no strings?

Have you ever tried to play a piano with no keys?

Have you ever seen the moon without the stars?

I feel incomplete without you

Where are my manners?

I forgot to introduce myself

My name is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

And I would love to meet you…


This poem was extractd from the anthology Afropolitan State of Mind authored by Kuda. D Gutu

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