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The Impact Of Religion On The African Working-Class People

Over many centuries, religion has had a profound effect on the continent. First, it was the African Traditional Religion. Then Islam came in. Lastly, Christianity made it’s significance felt.

Religion has shaped the history of this continent. It has resulted in many of the conflicts that have stemmed from this continent. Religion has had a very big effect on the working class of the African people. In other instances, there have been positive effects and in others the effects have been of a negative nature.

Basically, using the philosophical theory of Idealism, religion has been used to make people passive and docile. In one instance, Vladimir Ilych Lenin described the paying of tithes as “a discount ticket for going to Heaven.” What religion has achieved is pacifying people.

The ability of people to question man-made problems is stripped away. Instead, every problem can only be fixed by some form of divine intervention. Steve Biko made this point clear when he spoke to a Conference of Black Ministers in 1977, he said that blacks must not be in the habit of expecting a supernatural force to come down and solve the people’s problems.

In this regard, religion has created the impression that the suffering by the working class is only temporary as there will be happiness in Heaven for eternity. But this has now vindicated the definition of religion from a Materialist point of view, in that religion is an opium.

People thus are enslaved spiritually. The leaders and the ruling class have done further harm by promoting Idealism, so that people become passive and docile.

It is a matter of Black Consciousness. Stay woke.

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