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Book review: Coconut

Thank you for that! I really do appreciate your views on how I should live my life. Thank you very much indeed!


At first glance, you may misunderstand the book and its intentions. I am not going to front like I got it at first the direct euphemism that a coconut is brown outside yet white on the inside. See why I need to read more? So this book is about Ofiwe and Fikile who are victims of culture identity loss as well as racism set in post-apartheid South Africa. Kopano Matlwa addresses the issue of language colonisation and we have to agree that until recently when we adopted the “you do not owe anybody good English” attitude we used to frown upon people who dared to break the language of the Queen. Anyway I finally got it, I finally realised that the book was directed at all of us millennials: not white enough because of our colour and definitely not cultured enough to be black. I frowned at Ofilwe and her spoilt rotten tendencies and at Fikile for not wanting to belong, for wishing to be white but don’t we all wish we were privileged and when we are fortunate enough to be the black privileged do we not shun our old ways and try to identify ourselves with who we definitely are not? No? Okay, my bad. Do read the book here though it is a major eye opener! I give it a 7/10, tell me your thoughts after you read it.

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