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Press Release: The launch of I Am Creative For Africa series

I Am Creative For Africa is an initiative to support and showcase African people in different sectors of the arts, technology, entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports and other industries.

“The initiative is a way to collaborate and network through getting knowledge of what one does in their life, changing the game and sharing ideas on how we can develop or industries,” says Donovan Faranando, the brains behind the initiative and co-founder of The Hangout Duo.

The initiative is run under The Hangout Duo, Blunders and African Curators. I Am Creative For Africa will be a bridge between allowing African people to work together and bring a change. Boundaries are no longer an impediment towards what Africans can achieve collectively.

Hence, the initiative is open to everyone. Those who want to participate by sharing their stories of what, how, and why they are creative for Africa should get in touch with Donovan Faranando on +27641801074.

All stories will be published on the African Curators site, including those of Blunder and Brilliance.

You can follow The Hangout Duo on Facebook and Instagram for more information as regards the I Am Creative For Africa series.

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