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The following piece is to be based on parts of what is published in the book The Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani. The aim is to trace the troubles of the balck race, and to see whether it is still relevant to blame some of our problems on what has happened in the past.

The fact is the Caucasians have done injustice to the Black race. But the question is why have other races prospered while the Black race continues to walk still?

Let’s take slavery for instance. We attribute everything that has happened to the Black race to slavery. We delude ourselves about African Kingdoms which had thrived before the onslaught of first the Arabs, and later the Caucasians. We talk about the Pyramids of Egypt, the great empire of Mali and the learning capital of Timbuktu. Yes, I am constrained to agree that these were great legacies that our ancestors left us, but one cannot deny the fact that in the middle Passage of the 19th century we stopped functioning as a people with intelligence and the instinct to defend ourselves.

In the 17th century, more than 36 million African men and women were taken into slavery and to the shores of America. Of that 36 million, more than 18 million died in the Trans-Atlantic crossings. Listen, don’t get me wrong. We are talking of over 36 million African men and women who were rounded up by a handful of Caucasians and our ancestors could not do much to stop the onslaught. This is just a small group of Caucasian men coming into our midst and we ran helter-skelter, without any much defence to stop the rape and incarceration of our Kings and Queens. Am I supposed to take delight in telling this story, which we as a people have done nothing to stop from happening again, and which is in fact even happening at greater frightening speed than the 17th century?

The Black race is a slave – pure and simple – an economic slave. I am frightened and disgusted at the same time, at a people who produce nothing and consume everything that others produce. We are always ready to make excuses about the inventions and products our people have perfected in long gone eras, but which have been stolen from us, and the ones who stole them have gone on to become very rich. This is nothing but an excuse for our failures. In 1987, David Sun and John Tu, both immigrants, started their Kingston Technology Company in Fountain Valley, California with hardly much financing other than their savings. Nine years later they sold 80 percent of the company to the Softbank Corporation of Japan for $1.5 billion. The company is still going strong, and they still control 20%, after pocketing $1.5 billion. In 1997, former US President George W. Bush was asked to speak to a group of officials of Global Crossing Ltd., a telecommunications company, at a fee of $80,000. Since the company was supposedly short on cash, he was asked if he would prefer to take his fee instead in stocks of the company. In early February, 1999 the $80,000 stock had skyrocketed to over $14million. Who says some people are not intelligent than others. That was before Global Crossing decided to merge with U.S. West, Inc. and the stock went even higher. But wait! The man who started Global Crossing Ltd. In 1996, with $14 million has seen his investment go to over $6 billion. The Loews Corporation, controlled by the Tisch family, invested $20 million in the same Global Crossing. In just a period of 3 years, that investment today is worth 1.9 billion. Are these Caucasian people from Mars, and we are we from what place?

I have already talked about the computer I am using to write this book. It was not produced or even sold to me by a Black person. Certainly, a few Blacks work for the Apple Coporation which produces and markets the Macintosh products. But before I came down to the basement, I had to turn on the electricity so that I could see. My children had pointed out to me that the filament for the electric bulb was invented by a Blackman. I said great. What happened to him? Where is the product he invented? Is he or his descendants collecting some form of royalty from this invention? What I see on the electric bulb is General Electric, a multi-billion dollar company involved in everything, including producing military products and owing the NBC-TV network. That is what I see on the bulb. If we could stop deluding ourselves. I have no doubt that the descendants of the original company are not my people.

I am sitting here and looking at my nephew’s great stereo. It was made in Japan by the Aiwa corporation. In fact, since Africans love music so much you would have anticipated that they would control the production of all products pertaining to music. Yes, we can sing, we can dance. That is just about it. In fact, it has been shown that Black people spend more money on purchasing musical equipment than any other group, but do we produce any these products? The answer is a resounding NO! Do we even have a factory owned by a Black person where these musical products are assembled? The answer is a resounding NO!

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