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Africans should learn to produce for themselves and not depend on others

There are some Africans who are still of the thinking that colonialism, racism, and other injustices perpetrated at the hands of the whites contribute to their misery. While the impacts of such are palpable and can’t be denied, they have been used as a scapegoat for the mismanagement of resources by Africans.

What Africans are excellent at is consuming, whilst they don’t produce. We consume everything the whites give us, everything the South Koreans, the Chinese and the Japanese give us. We do not produce even some of the basic commodities and products we use. We wait for someone to do it for us. The blame game has become a permanent part of our lives to the exclusion of any other solution that could be more viable in solving our problems. It has become the most productive part of our lives, because without it the African cannot really point to much that they are in charge of producing. It is better to blame others than to confront the truth of our being responsible for whatever has happened to us as an African race.

As Africans we do not to stand aside and watch while the whole world develops. What we need is decisive action. To act on that which makes us prosper. The Black race is a slave – pure and simple – an economic slave.

Others have progressed, while other groups joined the narrative of success and progress. We remained stagnant. We remained chained to the toxic grip of our colonisers. The dependency effect gravely affected us. The Indians, the Pakistanis, the Jews, the Chinese, have all fared much better than the Africans. Yet we were at the same level say about a hundred years ago.

Africans need to build. Africans need to produce. Africans need to get rid themselves of the dependency effect. The more we produce, the more we better ourselves. We need leaders who preside over supportive and forward-looking governments that are not inimical to progress.


With excerpts from the Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani

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