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Should we still blame our problems on colonialism?

The euphoria that was associated with independence in different African countries promised a new lease of life for Africans. Well, the new chapter was opened, but it was not rosy as expected. The grim reality greeted us harshly, and assimilated itself in our day-to-day lives, up to now.

Africa is a continent that promises big things. A continent with a rich cultural diversity. A continent with abundant natural resources. A continent with human capital. Africa is very rich, yet, its people still face various problems of all sorts and nature. We are still mired in abject poverty, we are victims to ruthless diseases, natural disasters ravage us, wars of all kinds still haunt us. We are a people who suffer. And yet we should not suffer. We should be living our best lives. But unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of us.

Colonialism did a lot of damage to this continent, such that when African nations attained their independence it has been difficult to weed out these problems. Where are we going wrong? What really is our problem?

The rule of colonialists left a bad legacy for us in political, economic and socio-cultural contexts. For example, one of the most felt effects of colonialism have been the endless civil wars that African countries have to grapple with. Not only civil wars but also wars between nations. It’s terrible.

But should we still blame our problems on colonialism? The fact is that some people have found colonialism as a perfect scapegoat for failing to solve their own problems. The onus is on us Africans to come with solutions for Africans. We should help ourselves.¬†Read about this in detail here.¬†However one of the biggest impediments to this effect is the issue of our leaders who do not put the interests of the people first. In fact, their interests override everyone else’s. Which is undesirable.

There is no need to keep on blaming and blaming while we do not come up with solutions ourselves. It’s pointless. And absurd. The problems that were created by colonialism are appreciated, but now is the time to fix these. Solutions and solutions and solutions. That’s what we need as a united people, as one Africa.

Colonialism did us bad, but now is not the time to keep shifting the blame on it. Let’s come up with solutions.

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