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African creativity comes alive through The Hangout Duo

The Hangout Duo is an online youth oriented show that is aimed at showcasing rising young African creative artists and connecting them through events, fashion, entertainment, entrepreneurship, brands and places.

The show idea came about when Donovan Faranando and Mitchell Mbele couldn’t find places where creatives like to hang out, the challenges they were facing better yet what they are all about. They are located in Cape Town but now they have expanded to Zimbabwe and Zambia because they realised it’s now a movement.

The show will be presented by Donovan Faranando, Mitchell Mbele, Nompumelelo Nteyi and Anamkhaya Mbombo who are fellow creatives in their own right.

The show episodes will be screened on YouTube and Facebook.They are embracing digital broadcast. The first episode will feature Boris Van Haupt (musician), Phile Mazibuko (graphic designer), Denver Mazibuko (model) and other creative artists like Daniel Moleka (fashion designer) from Congo.
They will also have creatives from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Malawi being featured on the show.

People can subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on their social media networks for more information:





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