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A washed up Zimbabwean Actress, Anne Nhira who is popularly known as Vimbai Jari recently found herself receiving public backlash after getting Zodwa Wabantu banned from performing at the Harare International Carnival.


Now I am not trying to sound like the paper so let me get right to it. First of all, Anne, who are you? What gives you the right to dictate for the whole country what they may or may not see at the carnival. And it’s a carnival for god’s sake you should try google how they work, it’s not a freaking moral contest. You are a woman, and she is a woman, what drives you to sabotage another woman from collecting coins? I heard your reasons for ringing the bell, something about unemployment or better to hire Bev etc. Doesn’t Bev also perform in foreign countries? I understand you are a tv show actress in South Africa, why don’t they hire their people akere unemployment is also high there then since we are petty?? It is because every artist is different and brings different flavours to the table. I think if you are honest with yourself you will find that this came from a place of jealousy. You were trying to seek relevance through this, weren’t you? Is it because your career is washed up? Or not? Look I don’t care, we last heard of you a long time ago and now you have shattered the fond memories we had of Studio263. Oh, and I hear you been touching shoulders with other women bashers like you. Shameful, you lot! To make matters worse, you reside in South Africa, yet you are sabotaging this South African sister. Life will give you a rude wakening, trust! Why are you so pressed about her panties – or lack thereof? Why can’t you mind your own inner garments? Do better sis.

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