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Opposition voices in Zimbabwe say Grace Mugabe rally an insult to women

After her debacle in South Africa that resulted in claims that she assaulted a 20-year old model, there was a solidarity march in support of Grace Mugabe at the ruling ZANU-PF headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. Thousands gathered to show their support for the country’s controversial first lady in light of what happened in South Africa,

The rally went well- at least according to party sources, and the usual narrative of bootlicking, sycophancy andΒ a sense of living in an artificial world dominated the proceedings in Harare. Many party supporters clad in party regalia attended the event, which was organized by a splinter group of war veterans that support the first lady in the ruling party ZANU-PF. Scores of jobless, hungry people were present, and the place was filled with countless vendors- a symptom of a failed nation presided by an old and inept ruler. The songs and praises heaped on Grace Mugabe were endless, and they particularly came from women and a lot of young people, young people enduring tough lives in a country that suffers from a perennially ailing economy.

Some vendors told AFP that they were forced to close their business and march to the party headquarters. From what I saw, it seemed vendors close to the area had two options: Sell their wares and stuff at the event or simply stop business and follow the usually exasperating party proceedings. Then there are other vendors who have no option but to support ZANU-PF because the party funds some of their activities and because of that they owe their allegiance to the heartless party that is often berated for its insensitivity towards the general populace in Zimbabwe.

Prominent opposition politician in Zimbabwe of the Movement for Democratic Change, Obert Gutu, termed the rally as an insult to women. “If there should be any march, it should be against Grace Mugabe. The march is an insult to women. She had no decency to apologise after she was granted diplomatic immunity in suspicious circumstance,” Gutu told AFP. Many voices among the opposition parties came to the unanimous fact that the rally was a mere show of sycophancy and those seeking favours from people in the top echelons of the ruling party.

Of late Grace Mugabe has come under attack for her indecency and other infamous things she does especially when in the public. She is increasingly gaining political power in the ruling party and her behavior is accompanying that power.

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