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8 must-watch African movies of all times

I do not mean african movies as in Nollywood movies only, i mean movies based on qafrica as a whole. Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way these are some of the best movies to come out of Africa. Most of them are as old as the heels and if you do not know them you are probably very young or you missed the good stuff when you were young. Either way find time for these movies honey


8) Tsotsi (2005)


This one traces six days in the violent life of a Johannesburg gang leader. A must watch




7) The first grader (2010)

This is about a man who enrolls himself in elementary school at the age of 84 after the government announces free universal primary education




6) Neria (1993)


This one adresses issues faced by women when they are widowed in Zimbabwe, issues of inheritance and the soundtrack is by the iconic Oliver Mtukudzi.




5) Moolaade (2004)

This one addressed the issue of female genital mutilation in Senegal. A must watch




4) There is a Zulu on my stoep (1993)

I cannot even describe this one, all i know is if you never watched it back then please throw away your whole childhood and start afresh




3) The gods must be crazy (1980)


This one is hilarious, a cocacola bottle causes havoc in a village after dropping from the sky and this one embarks on a jeorney to return the bottle to the gods.




2) Hotel Rwanda (2004)

It is based on the genocide attacks which happened in Rwanda in 1994 between the Hutus and the Tutsis




1) Sarafina (1992)

This one is about a young black South African girl struggling for freedom during apartheid. Indeed sensational

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