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Let’s talk to our children about sex

Let’s talk to our children about sex please. Yes the birds and bees talk is important. Of course it will be awkward but very necessary in the long run because like it or not we live in a world full of predators who are sexually abusing children and if your child is not aware of this kind of talk they may think it is a normal thing grown ups do to them.


Let’s talk to our children about sex and sexual abuse. Let us encourage them to report anyone who touches them inappropriately. Too many child molesters and rapists are walking free because children were too afraid to tell their parents or guardians about the act. In fact, be your child’s safe. Nurture him/her in an environment where they can talk to you freely and tell them it doesn’t matter whether it’s a relative or friend or teacher they have to alert you if someone touches them inappropriately. Tell them of their precious which should not be touched by anyone under whatever circumstances.


Don’t let them be around or to take unnecessary trips with family friends or relatives who do not have your complete trust. Do not encourage people who give your child pet names like “wife” “husband” to hell with that. This is a child and it shall be addressed as such. Be attentive to detail, know your child like the back of your hand – any behavioural change and withdrawal symptoms could mean something is very wrong.


And this is not only for girls, boys are being sexually molested too. The society is doing its best to protect the girl child from sexual abuse and in a way neglecting the boy child. Listen, boys need to be protected just as much. Many boys are molested by older men, priests and especially maids and they never come forward to report because the do not realise it is wrong. So teach your children about sex and most importantly love your children, you are their designated protector do not be the one who molests and rapes you own child.

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