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Ankara is one fashion trend that will never die, mark my words, it will not. I mean style never actually dies, all these trends you see now are recycled: chokers, crop tops, huge ass glasses, platform shoes, peplum you name it used to rock way back. There is nothing new under the sun. But, Ankara never ceases to amaze me. There are so many things you could do with it; it is so fashion forward. And the fashion designers just know what to do with it. So next time you can’t seem to find an outfit for an occasion just buy your Ankara cloth and think of all these things your tailor can do with it:


An elegant maxi dress

Sometimes less is more; you know less skin more elegance. This dress will be a solution to all your what to wear to Sunday family lunch problems. You would kill!


Cold shoulder

A little off the shoulder never killed anybody plus it’s an excuse to show off your humps baby!


Revo-it up

See what I meant when I said fashion never dies? These pants used to be called revolutions back then because of the way they are wide legged. At one point we called them hipsters too. Topped with bow shirt and those muscle bands, you will make your workmates green with envy for pulling that off.


Jumping off the wagon

A moment of silence for this one, because sis just killed it! Paired with beautiful jewellery pieces to give it their effect.


Like a boss

Just imagine hey…imagine is all the power women would ditch the boring grey lady suits and start wearing this kind of suits as the colourful lady bugs they are meant to be? How wonderful would that be?


Ankara is the new black

Forget your little black dress next Friday when you are going out and show up with a little Ankara number to show off your legs and strappy heels. You can thank me later.


Legs for days

Show up to that ladies lunch like this and make everybody’s eyes pop!


Juju up your dress

Question? Why must we all wear the boring white dress on our weddings? In Ankara we trust!

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